The Vision

A remarkable pool that can provide luxury and grace in limited backyards With four length options (starting at 16 feet and ending at 26 feet,) it offers a full width bench (10 feet) at the entry area and a generous swimming area inside it. This pool is often complimented with generous greenery and landscaping along with the potential for tile along the sides of the pool for a unique, stylish look.


  • Sleek, modern design allows for unlimited landscaping possibilities for both traditional and modern aesthetics
  • Large bench located at the shallow end with option to incorporate spa jets
  • Well-positioned entry and exit steps lead down to the pool floor
  • Flat-bottom design make it the perfect pool for playing pool games or for exercising


26′10′4′ 11″4′ 11″
23′10′4′ 11″4′ 11″
20′10′4′ 11″4′ 11″
16′10′4′ 11″4′ 11″